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Welcome to Las Vegas
Life in Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas. We attract new residents from all over, and you’ll find we have many natives who will always call Las Vegas home.

Why Vegas

The Weather

We have about 290 days of sunshine a year. Our winters are mild and give our residents bragging rights over friends and family in less-hospitable climates. Don’t be thrown off by our summers. Unless it’s about to rain, it’s a dry heat. And that just means more time in the swimming pool!

The Culture

Yes, our region has a lot of culture. From the Smith Center and Symphony Park, to the revitalization of Downtown, to the Springs Preserve. Museums of all kinds abound, live entertainment is never far away, and UNLV is home to some of our greatest lecture series and performing arts.

The Economy

It’s on the rise, and our recovery from the Great Recession is stronger than ever. Nevada has no state income tax, and our mortgage interest rates remain at historical lows, while home prices are considered a bargain compared to many other cities.