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  • How Important are Rain Gutters to Home Maintenance?

    BY Michaelann Byerly

    If you've owned a home for a while, you know that water entering the home can be at least a hassle and at worst a cause of major destruction. Not only should keeping water from sneaking into those tiny cracks and crevices be a priority, it could make...

  • How to Avoid Being House Poor

    BY Michaelann Byerly

    Buying a home is exciting. If you're young, it gives you the sense of finally stepping into the adult world. If you're at some other life change (marriage, starting a family, empty-nester) the idea of a larger (or smaller) space of your own gets thos...

  • Should “Hidden” Costs of Buying a Foreclosure Keep me from Buying One?

    BY Michaelann Byerly

    While the housing market in most places certainly has improved and the number of foreclosed homes on the market has decrease, they will always be foreclosed homes available for purchase. Because of popular television show on house "flipping" and inve...